April 5, 2006. "Everyone that assisted us was helpful, kind and caring."
Dear Mr. Kaye: I am writing to express my gratitude to you for my trip with Nicaragua Expeditions in early January. Everyone that assisted us was helpful, kind and caring. Theresa and I had the most wonderful time meeting people and traveling around Nicaragua. It is a memory we will never forget. I apologize, for I intended to write this letter months ago. Being newly married and having to get back to my real life and work, I have been putting it off.

From my first inquiry, Selena Solis was wonderful to work with. She was knowledgeable and accommodating. She eased our concerns and helped us to decide on what we wanted to experience. I sing her praises, as the planning on my part was very easy and stress free.

When we arrived in country we were met by Julio and Enrique. I cannot say enough about these two. They were wonderful to us. Julio was very knowledgeable about everything and willing to adapt the itinerary to our whims. When I asked about the monument to the end of the revolution in Managua, he rearranged our itinerary so we could stop and on our way from Leon to Granada. When the ferry sank in Rivas, minutes before we were to board, we had breakfast in town and spent the day exploring the coast of San Juan del Sur. When we wanted to stop and look at real estate signs, he would have Enrique pull the car over. We also rescheduled our trip to San Juan del Oriente to the end of the trip - on the way from San Juan del Sur to Managua - so we would not have to carry the ceramics as long. He was most accommodating for everything we wanted to do.

All of the food was delicious. I will eat anything, but my wife is a very picky eater. We brought enough meal replacement bars to sustain us through the trip because we did not know what to expect. Neither one of us ate a single one. We returned with as many as we had taken, except for the ones we gave away. It seemed like every time we turned around, it was time to eat again, and everything was as delicious as it could be. We both thoroughly enjoyed the food and now trying to figure our where to get queso fresco and how to prepare plantains.

So, when we save some money, someday we will be back to Nicaragua. We will return to Granada, visit Ometepe, San Juan del Sur and check out some other small beach villages. Julio told us about a trip down the Rio San Juan that sounded interesting and we would love to explore some of Eastern Nicaragua. We can\'t wait to return. -Alex Smith

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